SUMMERLAND B.C


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                                                TERMS OF AGREEMENT

Thank you for your deposit of $300 ( Money order/cash/ certified cheque) to reserve a puppy from this litter.

Your deposit will only be refunded if, I don't have a puppy for you, or do not have your choice of sex.

The total cost of the puppy is $

shipping charges, or adding of a create and other occurred expenses may be added if necessary. 

The balance is due on the day you pick your puppy up or prior to shipping.

Please pay your balance of $                   by the above method. Make cheque payable to : Jodi Dedels

​The order of which puppies are picked is determined by the order the deposits are received. However, the pick order may be adjusted to accommodate any puppies going to show/breeding or competition homes, as so marked on our sales agreement, who will receive priority over companion Homes.

Puppies are evaluated at 7 9 weeks of age to determine the show/competion potential puppies.

will do my best to try to accommodate the order of choosing.


COMPANION/ PET/ SHOW/ COMPETITION  Are all on a Co -Ownership contract. 

​Once you have made your decided,  I would gladly send you this contract by email.